How does water influence your cup of tea and coffee aroma?

How does water influence your cup of tea and coffee aroma?

How is your water affecting your cuppa?

You perhaps might not have given much thought to why your cuppa tastes differently depending on where you live, but BRITA Professional have. They have created a water map to show how water varies area to area and it makes for interesting reading.

Water quality and mineral content varies hugely between regions, and even street to street. This variation undoubtedly influences the hot beverages you serve to customers. The water map helps, amongst others, coffee shop owners understand their water type and how it can be optimised to provide consistent quality in the cup. The map was developed by BRITA Professional in conjunction with Jane Pettigrew, UK Tea Academy, and Matt Beynon, Wogan Coffee.

Making sure that you understand your water type and having the right filtration system not only improves the quality of the hot drinks you serve, but also ensures that your machine is kept in peak condition too.

The true impact of water

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