What You Can Expect in a Coffee From Central: Cocoa, Nuts, and well balanced

What You Can Expect in a Coffee From Central: Cocoa, Nuts, and well balanced

What You Can Expect in a Coffee From Central: Cocoa, Nuts, and well balanced

Today we're going to talk about coffee from Central and South America, and what characteristics define the coffee from this region.

Knowing the general differences in coffee can help you better identify the ones that you like, and also make you more educated next time you are buying your beans.

Regional Differences in Coffee

There are no rules about the differences in coffee, but because certain coffee varieties are often more prevalent in some geographical locations than others. Processing methods can also be similar within a certain region, so there are some generalizations that can be made.

In other words, while all coffee in Central America certainly doesn't taste the same, different coffees from different Central American countries may have more similarities than when compared with those on the other side of the ocean.

If we were to make one generalization: these are the classic, medium-bodied coffees that we're all used to — unlike, for instance, the brighter coffees from Africa. In terms of flavors, they are commonly associated with cocoa, nut and spice notes.

Coffee from Central America

In Central America, you'll find varying acidity, but usually beans from this region are known for their balance, which makes them good for people just getting started on their relationship with coffee. Not to bitter, not too acidic, fairly smooth flavors, like chocolate.

Our Central America coffee beans:

Fresh roasted DECAF - Mexican Mountain Water Decaf

The Cup

" A well balanced decaf, robust in flavour, smooth in finish with a prominent sweetness throughout."


Freshly roasted El Salvador 

The Cup

"Sweet caramel flavours and chocolate notes throughout. Vibrant acidity and medium body mellow into a creamy rich sweetness to finish."


Freshly roasted Guatemala Bourbon

The Cup

"A medium acidity coffee with notes of Almond, Brown sugar & Hazlenut. A bold mouthfeel finishing with sweet caramel"




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