"We are here to share the joy of a good coffee."

Who we are

Roastery Hope Coffee is a family Roastery based in Bishop's Stortford, ready to sell fresh coffee beans on demand.


Roastery hope coffee it's made of dream, passion and heart.

Our dream is one day we could have a coffee shop in the town, but we don't wanna be just another coffee shop on the corner.

Our passion for this amazing drink that gives you an opportunity to exchange experience, share feelings and joy of a good coffee.

Our heart is to help and serve people with the best that we have.

Our story

Roastery Hope Coffee hand roasts carefully selected beans and sell fresh coffee beans on demand.

We are a small family roastery based in Bishop’s Stortford, we sell our coffee beans on the internet and from time to time we organise events for the local community to share the joy of a good cup of coffee. We’ve been trading for over 4 years as a coffee supplier for private customers and other business.

Our business started when my wife and I were looking for ways to raise funds for a close friend that had been working for a few years as a missionary in Guinea Bissau - Africa.

After working there for a few years with vulnerable children in many different communities she was rushed back home to Brazil because her mom has passed away.

Soon after that our friend was very depressed and her health (condition) deteriorated very quickly. She was unable to do what she loved most helping other people.

We then decided to create the Business and donate part of our profit to her.
So after 2 years we decided to extend our project and very soon we will be launching our project called H.O.PE - Helping Other PeoplE

Our aim will be to empower and give support to more missionaries and volunteers that are working hard to make our world a better place.

"We are here to share the joy of a good coffee."

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