Now we are looking to connect with companies who care about the environment and culture of the work place, companies who understand how to provide value for businesses and employees alike.

We work closely with all of our wholesale clients to ensure the highest standard of coffee.

We would like to support you and your business by offering you freshly roasted coffee beans.


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Our Wholesale Team, Thiego and Cincita, love all things about coffee. For a specific coffee, or information on equipment and support, please call us on 07922292786, or enquire below.

If you're like us and can't wait to brew some great coffee, you can purchase 2kg for £28* to get you started. We can pick a coffee to match your favourite brew method and grind it for you – or if wholebean is your thing we will send you what's popular on the day.

*Discount price only for the first order, for furthers we have others discounts and promotions.  

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