Brazil - Fazenda Boqueirão
Brazil - Fazenda Boqueirão
Brazil - Fazenda Boqueirão
Brazil - Fazenda Boqueirão
Brazil - Fazenda Boqueirão
Brazil - Fazenda Boqueirão

Brazil - Fazenda Boqueirão

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Fazenda Boqueirão - José Olinto

General Information

Origin: Brazil
Region: Jesuânia - Minas Gerais 
Varieties: Catucai
Harvest Year: 2020
Altitude: 800 - 1000 masl
Processing: Natural Pulped
Grade: NY 2 16UP
Certification: Minasul 

Sensorial Information

Cupping score: 88

The Cup

"Apple, Butter, Fresh bread, Mango, Pineapple and Red Apple. Positive ferment brings vibrant flavours of pineapple, mango, and sugar cane. Super juicy with a crisp red apple malloc acid finish. "

The Farmers

Jose Olinto Valerio

This is José Olinto's first crop as a coffee producer (2020). Himself and three brothers - out of a total of seven - leased the Boqueirão property, in Jesuânia, two years ago and harvested the first crop this year. The whole family works in agricultural production, with cereals and 50 thousand coffee plants of different cultivars.

Hard to believe this is their first harvest and they managed to produce fantastic coffee beans and were select for the finals of Minasul internal quality competition.

Minasul has conducted an internal quality competition for the past 28 years. By rewarding the top 20 Natural coffees and top 10 Pulped Naturals, the co-operative members have incentives to produce their best coffees. Along with the higher premiums for winning farms. 


Founded in 1958, has solid values such as respect, transparency and excellence. With 6.000 members, it receives coffee from more than 150 cities in Minas Gerais, originating close to 1,3 million bags per crop, being that 80% of it, fine coffee.

Minasul developed a partnership with 4C – Common Code of the Coffee Community, an international organisation which tries to promote the sustainability of all coffee sector. The Cooperatives created actions for the social inclusion, environmental preservation and training of members and their families, employees, also promote the education and formation of their members, In this proposal, Minasul organises and promote social projects for the rural school students in Varginha.