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Green Detox

Green Detox

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Green Detox Tea

Enjoy the Green Detox is high in antioxidants and the combination of herbs used, are reported to help with mental alertness, physical and mental fatigue. It tastes pretty awesome too, so helping your body's metabolism get into gear never felt so good.

A wonderful combination of Green tea blended with Green Mate, Gynostemma Leaves, Strawberry & Papaya pieces and natural flavours provide a drink that is refreshing, naturally energising and full of flavour.

Tea Profile

ORIGIN: China, Malawi and Brazil
Grown: 400 - 1600 masl
CAFFEINE: Approx 40mg per cup
LEAVES: Premium Green tea leaves, Coarse cut herbs and fruits
AROMA: Fresh Strawberries
COLOUR: Green with golden highlights
TASTE: Wonderful herbaceous flavour with mellow green tea and strawberry flavour.
WELL BEING: Energising & Invigorating
STRENGTH: Medium Bodied
FLAVOUR: Herbaceous & Strawberry


Green Tea, Green Mate, Gynostemma Leaves, Strawberry Pieces, Papaya Pieces, Natural Flavours

Brewing Guide

1 bag or spoon per cup 2-4 mins 80°C (176°F)