Hario French Press - Olive Wood
Hario French Press - Olive Wood

Hario French Press - Olive Wood

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Hario French Press

- Delicious Coffee and Tea -

The french press device is well known for its ability to extract full-bodied coffee and its flavours. Hario has added its own twist on it by designing a french press with the highest quality heat-proof, borosilicate glass and olive wood handle for comfort and style. Hario glassware stays shiny for a lifetime, as long as you keep it clean and look after it. The French Press can also be used to extract delicious tea too. Simply soak the tea leaves and enjoy! Grab one of these today before they run out of stock.

Hario French Press Design

The Hario french press 250ml and will produce about 1-2 cups of coffee or tea. It uses simple but effective press and squeeze design allowing you to get the most from your coffee grounds and tea leaves.

The Hario french press 600ml and will produce about 2-4 cups of coffee or tea. It is extremely easy to use and function.

Just add the tea leaves or coarsely ground coffee pour some hot water over it, keep for around 3 minutes (or according to your preferred tea infusion) and enjoy fantastic tea aromas and coffee flavours.

Hario French Press Wood Features Include :

  • Supreme Quality Borosilicate Glass;
  • Olive Wood Handle;
  • Style and Functionality;
  • Capacity available  250ml or 600ml;
  • Made in Japan.