Japan Sencha Green Tea

Japan Sencha Green Tea

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Japan Sencha Green Tea

Enjoy the smooth, rich flavour of this premium, traditional Japanese Sencha. Commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies, sencha leaves have a distinctive glossy look and feel that provide a rich and full flavour.

Tea Profile

ORIGIN: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. 
Grown: 200 - 1000 masl
CAFFEINE: Approx 20mg per cup
LEAVES: Traditional Steamed, Pan Fried & Polished Sencha Green Leaves
AROMA: Fresh green tea bouquet
COLOUR: Pale yellow green
TASTE: Smooth with a reasonable depth and body
WELL BEING: Cleansing
STRENGTH: Light Bodied
FLAVOUR: Vegetal


Premium Sencha Green Tea

Brewing Guide

1 bag or spoon per cup 3-7 mins 100°C (212°F)